Hypnotheric Healing

This is an intuitive and spiritual channeled session where I personally coach you through a deeper understanding of your energetic soul self and the connection in your life experiences.   This session powerfully transforms your perception of how your  consciousness is connected to the all and you are the creator or your life. Gaining a fresh perspective on your life from soul’s limitless potential inspires clarity, healing and rejuvenation. 


Whether it is for personal or professional change, you are empowered with transformational tools to restructure the subconscious core beliefs looping as behavior and emotional patterns that bound you in fear, judgement and challenges.  You will not only understand how the fear and judgment impacts your health, life and relationships but you will have powerful tools to process it differently


Consultations are in person or Skype



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1 x 60 minutes $185.00

3 x60 minutes  $470.00

8 x 60 minutes $1000.00

Hypnotheric Massage

This specialty therapeutic massage give healing techniques of a massage and high frequency healing to make lasting changes.

Created by Ishtar, this is her hands on signature healing style that will take you to an otherworldly experience, deeply relaxing and profoundly insightful, with the benefits of a therapeutic massage release.  This is the alternative to deep tissue massage, healing and renewing.

1 x 60 minutes $135.00

3 x 60 minutes $367.00

7 x 60 minutes  $810.00

relaxation massage  1 x 60 minutes $90.00


Reflexology - treat for your feet


Transform your health with this extraordinary modality that uses specific techniques on your feet to relax your body and restore homeostasis to your systems.  Reflexology treatments range from sinus infection to hormone imbalance, lymphatic swelling and stress reduction. Reflexology is the treatment of treats for the feet with profound results.

1 x 60 minutes  $80.00

6 x 60minutes   $419.00

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Your Reiki session starts the moment you step into the ambiance of Ishtar’s healing room. Reduce stress, release tension and quieten your mind – Reiki will aid your transformation.  Without any effort you are transported into an expanded healing experience refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated.


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1 x 60 minutes $135.00

7 x60 minutes  $810.00

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Eliminate confusion over techniques, Ishtar takes you straight to the heart of meditation practice.  Giving you 'keys' to unlock habits and give you the experience of meditating like a master.  If you are new or have started your meditation practice, then this guidance gives you the confidence and success to continue.

Offering bulk sessions gives you more expanded knowledge and an opportunity to bring your questions to Ishtar.  Tweaking your practice and eliminating any frustration.

1 x 60 minutes $135.00

3 x 60 minutes $375

7 x 60 minutes $810.00


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