I have lived an extraordinary life’s journey which brings me right to this
moment to meet you. I welcome you to my pages!

- Ishtar Deerheart

Ishtar Deerheart is a Naturopath, Natural Healer, Spiritual Consciousness teacher, healing teacher and Intuitive Energy Reader.  At the young age of 7 she heard a powerful and loving voice say “the answers are within” this pivotal experience set her on her life’s path researching and studying consciousness and spirituality.

It was her experience of living with the Aboriginal indigenous people in the vast and mystical outback near Uluru with no technology and none of the “noise and rush” of modern life, where she could connect with the land, the stars, the desert plants, birds and animals that opened her to the beauty of silence a depth of inner power and spirituality and here began her love for meditation and it became Ishtar’s foundation for life and healing work.

​Ishtar’s psychic skills blossomed and one particular vision brought her back to Aoteroa New Zealand and she began her formal training, graduating with a Bachelor of Natural Medicine and Medical Herbalism. She also earned a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage and Reflexology.

Spirituality and Science met and blended together transforming and enlightening!

Ishtar continued with her studies and quickly rose through the training to become a master Reiki practitioner and Reiki Teacher, and an Aura Soma practitioner.  Ishtar continues to expand her studies to help bring the best out in people and has since trained as a hypnotherapist and NLP Life Coach.

These transformational experiences of personal healing, spiritual awakening and light worker transitioning brought her to another pivotal moment. Following her soul’s whispering she legally changed her name to Ishtar Deerheart, meaning light bringer to the heart!

Ishtar opened Orion Therapies in Hastings, Hawkes Bay in 2011 and rapidly became known for her spiritual coaching services and hands on healing abilities. Her light body massage and spiritual consciousness teachings are renowned for the ability to bring healing and ease into your body and life. She helps you to connect with source within, raise your own frequency bands and activate natural intuitive gifts.

​Combining the roots of natural therapies, channeled spiritual information and formal studies Ishtar has created a unique approach to guide the individual to point of origin of a limiting belief that have sabotaged their personal and spiritual happiness, life and health. With deep compassion and expertise she helps to reconcile their past and inspire positive possibilities for the future and create your extraordinary life.

"To know yourself with loving connection, master inner peace and trust you inner thought process and soul directive.  That's Healing"

At the request for more information Ishtar has recently started facilitating courses. Each class based on her mission "To know yourself with loving connection, master inner peace and trust your inner thought process and soul directive.”  With her philosophy KISS - keeping it simply simple, her teachings and dialogue are infused with visualization teachings and applications from her expansive experience in healing naturally and spirituality. 

KISS- keeping it simply simple

Sending you blessings of peace, love and light

           Ishtar Deerheart

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