Massage therapist should have loving hands

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Ishtar has the hands for massage work, gentle to be relaxing and powerful to address those knots.  Her style has evolved over her years of experience and continues to surprise people who are new to receiving the benefits of a natural healer.  Offering therapeutic massage, relaxation massage and her specialty Reiki massage, anyone can enjoy the ancient healing benefits of massage therapy.

Massage is so beneficial for the mind, emotions, spirit and soul that it has endured throughout history in many cultures. Our bodies are the creation of our manifested thoughts and so hold many memories and emotions that feel like pain, stiffness and tension.  And In today’s age, it is very normal to be caught up in busy schedules and not be bothered by the pressure put on your body and mind.  Life can be so exhausting at times and if you are not used to taking time out it may feel strange that what appears to be a simple massage is profound in its results. 

Ishtar has awakened an ancient art of healing massage for the modern age

Her beautiful Reiki Massage therapy is infused with loving intention, bringing you from the outer world of stress so your body can relax and mind settle into quietness.  Her spiritual connection and alignment to universal perspective is felt within her touch and soothes your stress.  The fine art of massage techniques and higher sensory perception guides Ishtar’s  hands to find the release areas in your muscles.  The tranquillity in her voice massages your mind into a meditative awareness.  Ishtar flows relaxing massage techniques like a cosmic dance activating healing in your body, cleansing the cells and aura and awakening soul connection.


If you have caught the massage bug then you don’t need to worry because at Orion Therapies Ishtar has a massage style to suit you.  From a peaceful relaxation massage to a therapeutic massage done in quiet and her high frequency Reiki healing massage. 

Ishtar’s healing room has been created for the experience of letting go stress and receiving the highest intention of healing you can perceive.  An oasis of plants, crystals and teaching objects greet you and wrap you in a feeling of calming timelessness. Throughout your massage treatment you are totally covered in fresh crisp linen and given a cool rice bag to rest the tension around your eyes.

Ishtar is a qualified and compassionate professional therapist with a broad range of qualifications including Naturopath and Medical Herbalist degree in the bag. These allow for quality advice on health issues and supplementation, food advice and herbal medicine scripts to be offered alongside your treatments. 

You will find Ishtar’s massage therapy clinic in Hastings

Massage May Help

  •   Anxiety

  •   Headaches

  •   Soft tissue strains or injuries

  •   Sports injuries

  •   Improve vitality

  •   Detoxification

  •   Improving movement

  •   Enhancing feeling of well-being

  •   Neck tension

  •   Shoulder pain

  •   Spiritual connection

  •   Lymphatic drainage

  •   Pain from surgeries

  •   Tissue repair after surgery

Today, 12th February 2018, I came to Ishtar to be massaged, she has been doing that over many months.  She has spoken to me about healing ones soul, she took me back to my husband Colin who I had problems with emotionally and how he treated me.  I would get angry with him and as time went I hated myself for reacting to him in a negative way.  Ishtar helped me understand that sometimes we block our subconscious mind and she was able to channel into my soul and open the healing between my husband and myself.    I am grateful to Ishtar, her massage has helped heal my body and my soul

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