Everyone has a healer within, these courses provide the high frequency space and teachings that will help you unlock the dormant energies within.


This is the foundation of the Reiki system and how to use Reiki on yourself and develop and strengthen your connection to energy. You continue to develop your skills through personal practice. 

For personal or professional use, Reiki training benefits all areas of your life.


3 days training

optional online classes are a bonus to continue your knowledge in fields introduced in level 1

Reiki Level 1 First Degree

DON'T MISS OUT - This knowledge is at the frontiers of spiritual healing and consciousness expansion

The Essential You

An introduction to Consciousness, Chakras and the Aura.  This beginners course is packed with the core information to get your started in the understanding yourself as a light being.

Informative and practical knowledge that will transform your well-being and put you on the journey of inner discovery and healing.

what the courses can help you discover
  • Fulfill your inner longing to know who you are

  • Access new and expansive self-healing applications

  • Develop your intuition

  • Increase your energy

  • Embrace more love for yourself

  • Bring an awareness of you inner dialogue

  • Reset your emotional compass point

  • Have powerful tools for daily transformation

  • Self empowerment

  • Inner Peace and Clarity

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The teachings are brilliant, authentic and give you empowerment for soul ascension.

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